Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rudy Run 2011, November 10-13

This years Rudy Run is now in the books, the weather cooperated to an extent giving us both a rainy day and beautiful clear ones on the same weekend.

Quite the crowd had assembled by Thursday night, and even though we were to play this weekend, the arrival of three more bents for the trestle made a welding party on the hill the event of the day on Friday. A load of channel iron Thursday about dark from Vagabond Welding of Yucca Valley sealed the deal. By noon, always a slow start the first day, stringers were being cut and transported up to the trestle job. The sun made an appearance and warmed the afternoon. With enough help; the stringers, ties and rail were extended as far as we could go, even a new bent foundation was dug. And by the time the day was over all that was left to do was screw the track to all the bridge ties.

Visiting trains ran as well, the sight from the end of track affords quite the view.By Friday night the steaming bays were full, seven steam engines, three electric and a complement of personal pedal contrivances.

Saturday we arose to a sprinkling of precipitation, it never really let loose,if it did it wasn't for long, it just kind of spit on occasion. It didn't stop many from getting in a day of running, just a low key kind of day, By afternoon it had stopped raining all together and by dinner time the sky was showing stars. Sunday was calm and clear for miles, the Annual Meeting took up the morning with time afterwards to run a bit before the start of the packing process began. The work on the trestle was wrapped up with the ties all secured to the rail.

A good weekend for visiting and meeting new faces at the track. A time to enjoy the fruits of our labors, as well as to continue with our efforts with ample assistance was had. Looking forward to the next time is a good thing, see you there, Brian

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Opener Weekend

Halloween Weekend has come and gone, the place is ready for the Rudy Run in less then two weeks. We did a little work on the next trestle, even had Allan Ratliff's GE 47 tonner testing the span. Hope to see you out for the meet, till then, enjoy.