Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving; Turkey, Trains and Temperature.

Thanksgiving weekend, all four days, in any location in Southern California this year was close if not record breakers in the temperature field. Out at Joshua Tree was no exception. It was beautiful, clear and calm. And Friday was better, Saturday was the third day of great times.
 Allan and Lynn came out and caught John Griffin at it making the place look great. Greg and Becky got an early start on the ride and made it out before dark. Shelli and I made great time and even with a store stop we were in the gate before nine. Sydnie rode in the morning out with Colette to round out the family. Thursdays operations were light with Turkey the main focus. We did roll out the rolling stock and get in a lap or two but the Turkey started early so we could enjoy dinner before the Sun dropped over the hill. Brendon Hilton spent the most time on the track and his full crew enjoyed the track to themselves on their Atlantic till early afternoon. A feast was laid and all partook.
Turkey Coma set in after dark and dreams of a good day Friday to match the one we just had were in all's prayers. It must have been heard because Friday dawned clear and crisp with the mercury in the bulb rising fast. It was time to boil water and run trains. Brendon was out early and ran for a spell in the morning before heading up to do a project on the 15". The GE looked good with it's short string of flats and the Westside Caboose. Matt Z rolled in and it didn't take long for the PE freight motor to start growling about. The 4-4-0 smoked about the trackage and the Alco got some time in as well. Terry Watson was around the museum and marveled at the great day it was becoming. Five trains on a late November weekend, a good show.
  Saturday Tom Downing rolled up the road with his GP-60 in the back of the truck for a day, his son Wyatt and a guest spent the whole day running and picture taking. Leone and Larry Fisher drove out from Chino Hills and spent the day on the Alco, they had a blast running and we expect to see more of them out here in the future. The 4-4-0 was again steaming away and with the PE Freight motor and the GE we had five trains running about at one time on Saturday. The boys from Yuma made it up and picked up a delivery for their railroad from when Bill Shepherd was in town last month. They've been busy on their own track down that way and really haven't been up to see the progress on the high line in two years they said. another beautiful day followed by a great time around the shelter. The barbeque turned out another delicious steak night. During the night the breeze picked up and Sunday was a blustery day. It was a pack up day anyway so the morning was spent putting it all back away and most of us got an early start back to the salt mines of our home towns.
 I can't say we did much in the way of progress on the hill other than marvel at the work John Griffin has done. It was a family weekend and our whole railroading family had a good time out here this weekend. Looking forward to a long New Years Weekend coming up. Hope you can join us.
 Of course there are a few pictures to look at. A link to them is right about here:   https://picasaweb.google.com/Ratsgarage/ThanksgivingAtJoshuaTree2014?authuser=0&feat=directlink enjoy.