Saturday, June 15, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend was a kick back weekend with more time for reflecting on achievements than achieving more. Pack rats had found a new home in the patio area and eviction notices issued. And a plan for their non return was enacted. Now if we could just get those that use the barbecue to empty the ashes out the next morning the place wouldn't get a coating of ash for the next visitors to clean up. All the Ratliff's made it out with me not getting in till Saturday night after a day at Los Angeles. Monday Jeff Tolan and Greg Reiter made a trip out and wanted to move a little dirt; so they loaded buckets and hauled them up the high line while I finished grading the track above the switchback to the upper trestle. Now you can walk up there a lot easier when construction starts up again in the fall. A little summer rain will set it up fairly well. Monday afternoon John Fenlon from GGLS showed up with his SW1500 for a few trips around the railroad. He got the chef's tour of the place and then made a few trips around himself. Wasn't here long but I believe he had a good time on his whirlwind tour of Southern California.  The temperatures were not too high and the breeze did keep it in check. The boys were up on the 15" but that is theirs to report. Things are looking up up there. Not a lot of pictures taken either but it was an easy weekend. Here is a link to the pictures, just click onto it and enjoy, Brian
We move onto road trip season and the next outing we will see each other is up at Bitter Creek. See you there.