Monday, July 9, 2012

July 7th at the tracks

With Train Mountain in the history books for those that went and the Ramble not quiite here yet, we had visitors Saturday. Greg Pepperell and his Father Kevin made a trip out to see the place before their flight home to Austrailia on Sunday. I took off from Crestline at a bit before 6:00am on the Harley to meet them by 8:00 or somewhere near then. The ride down the hill was spirited as only the professionals were on the road at that hour. The weather was nice still at that hour and it wasn't really suppossed to get warm till Sunday. A stop for breakfast at the Country Corner met me up with Terry Watson as he was in with the locals. I had enough time to get out the screaming Yellow Zonker and made a trip up the High Line to see the view. It didn't take long and Greg and Kevin passed through the gate and found the scooter, time to go down the hill. Introductions and a tour from bottom to top filled a little time. They came this far to see, best I could do was make sure they saw it. Gary Conley rolled in and we got a tour of the museum as well. Shirts and Hats to brag about when the get back to Wandong Live Steamers. Greg even took a spin on the Motor Car for a few more pictures.
And then it was off back to the city, well sort of, back towards Old Woman Springs and a trip below Silverwood before hitting home. Nice day, see you this weekend, Brian