Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Opener This Weekend

After most of us have spent the Summer in cooler climes, the locals kept at their tasks and planned activities. Our resident dirt mover, tree watering guru and security detail; John Griffin has been busy as usual.

All the rocks that were moved off the hill to make way for the grade up the high line have been piled down and around the station curve for some time. Over the course of the summer John has built up the wall around that curve, and using the fill from the Conley Mansion excavation, has filled it in. Giving us a curve you will not feel the need to hang on as you pass the precipice. As seen in the photo we still have fill to remove before the station track gets extended. But, we know how quickly a pile of fill can change places around here.
The opener weekend is upon us and soon the weather will be more favorable to cool nights around the patio shelter and nice days around the tracks.
John has kept the flora and fauna at bay around the railroad these past years. So the opener weekend isn't like the days or lore when six foot weeds had to be wrestled from between the tracks before operations. And bridge abutments filled back to level from varmints making home in the embankments. John keeps it up to standards so he can zip around on the Freight Motor and check out the railroad with ease from aboard the railcar.
Looking forward to getting back out to Joshua Tree, hope to see you out there too.