Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Visitors Surveying the Railroad

John Griffin was out at the tracks yesterday afternoon and had a few visitors pop in to check the place out. I've never seen them in a herd before, it is nice to see them in our area. Enjoy.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

President's Weekend at the Tracks

February in the High Desert is a joy and the weather usually cooperates nicely. This year was no exception and it was T-shirt weather all weekend, and we all know I have a few of those. Shelli and I made it out Thursday night and had the place to ourselves. After a very busy couple of weeks with the airplanes it was nice to get down to a good old lo-tech steam engine. Friday morning the Sun over the hill beat us up and out of the trailer. I forgot how bright that door window can get and how quick. John Griffin was out early and we surveyed the recent progress. The guy works four or five days a week out there and apologizes that he can't get more done; he's got us beat, no worries. Great job John, your pace of getting things done is fine with me and I'm sure all will agree.
 Allan and Lynn made it up in the afternoon and it is good to see Mom out as she and Dad haven't been out since Thanksgiving. Friday flew by and soon it was evening already. A fire for not much more than effect flickered till after Greg and Becky showed up around their usual time. Saturday morning Art Barter rolled in with his Shay and a few flats and stayed till after dinner. At times he had the track to himself which with a Shay was a pleasant repast to not have those pesky rod engines climbing up your backside.
 I'll admit I did the romantic thing as it was Valentines Day, Shelli and I went for a drive through Joshua Tree National Park. I did go in the least accessible way, Berdoo Canyon, but we had a blast bouncing around rocks, boulders and little four wheeled drive vehicles in the big ol' Blue Truck. Dinner in 29 at the Rib Co. to top it off as well. Sunday was another beautiful morning and the 4-4-0 got a workout in the morning and the Alco in the afternoon. The Alco sure runs better on that 100 Low Lead from the airport. It starts good after it has set and the gas doesn't separate like the crud you get for automobiles these days. Things got put away in the afternoon and by Monday we all bugged out for one's each respectable homestead. A good low key weekend where we all enjoyed the weekend weather and company. Next month is the Narrow Gauge Meet and it will be a bit busier. The wildflowers should be coming out soon so bring the camera too.
  Shelli took a lot of pictures of plants and animals this weekend and when she gets them all sorted out I'll make a blog post just for that. I might have taken ten pictures all weekend so you'll have to use your imagination when it comes to pictures. See you in March.