Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Early July at the Tracks

I have not totally fell off of the face of the Earth, I am around and semi sorry that I did not post anything about Memorial Day Weekend at JT. Those that came out enjoyed it, it was a bit warm but many things ran, I do believe six was the locomotive count. Anyway, this is a little more up to date.

   Dad, Mom, Shelli and I made a quick dash out to the digs Friday morning. Dad rattled up at 6:30 and we were off for breakfast at the Country Kitchen in JT. John Griffin caught up with us at breakfast too. The gal that runs the place was asking about Gary and we had to break the news to her of his passing. She gave us one of her handmade flowers to put somewhere for her as a memorial. You will find it in the Station Cacti garden. Hopefully in enough shade as for it to not fade to much too quickly. And maybe the local hoodlums won't destroy it either.

  Yeah, local hoodlums, seems we have some locals that have nothing better to do than to destroy things or cause havoc. We have security cameras and maybe we can coordinate and get pictures to the local authorities and at least build a file so when they get caught red handed they might get more than a slap on the wrist like here in the megalopolis. Seems bigger things off of trailers have disappeared as well, hope progress on that capper is not getting the ostrich treatment. Fortunately things have not been aimed toward the railroad, we can only hope they stay away from that.

 Anyway, we took at trip out to see how progress is coming via John Griffin. He gets out quite often and between watering trees and investigation work rolls boulders and hauls dirt off of the hill. We could easily add another forty feet of track on the main line and if I got off my butt and built a switch another 100 feet could be laid down there too. Great work John, we all appreciate it. That goes for all you have been doing. He has and is been in contact with some of the neighbors and they too are not happy with what is happening so we have many eyes looking out for us from many windows. I did spend a little time and ran the Alco up and around to see the progress. The grade before where the siding will be really levels out as you approach. And Shelli and I spent a little time and picked up the wood pile that decided to spread itself around the area. Doing our part to keep this place looking nice. The trees are doing well with John's care and he was telling of giving them a little nourishment too. I didn't know trees liked bacon.

 Just a quick note to let you know things are slow and it is hot out there. We have a road trip in August and The Boys at Portola Valley and Alpine have again invited us up for a run in September. 27 and 28 is the dates, give me an email if you need more information, my address is somewhere on this blog many a times. I'm working on being there and it is a great railroad overlooking the lower peninsula and the bay, if the fog doesn't roll in. And if it does, it is fun to watch it roll on through.

 Well, see you in August, and plan on the Rudy Run in November. Till then, fire in the corners and watch the water. Brian