Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Quick Trip Out, January 21,2017

With an unfinished and important project, something that really should not go unattended for yet another month. A quick 'speed run' was put together to finish the securing of the car barn against further vermin. Allan, Greg and I got to ride in Matt's new truck for the trip out.
As with all quick one morning trips, a stop at Joshua Tree's Country Kitchen for a good meal is on the docket. Upon first entering one can detect a change in the d├ęcor. The hostess was not the same as it has been for the last 25 plus years, different hanging upon the wall, etc, lead one to notice the subtle change. It was true, the Cambodian Lady who had ran this little corner of Joshua Tree for oh so many years, had indeed retired in September and the new owner was keeping the same recipes and the same cook too. The meal was the same great, filling, tasty treat to the gullet it had always been. Enjoy your retirement.
After breakfast we headed up the Boulevard to the railroad, as we turned up Willow we could see a big vehicle turning unto the road ahead. A flatbed tow truck with but what could it be? An icon of the neighborhood was perched upon the bed of the truck. For those that peeked into the yards of the neighbors as one slowly ambled up the dirt road, going slow enough as to not upset the contents of the vehicle you are driving. One saw many things from a time long past. The neon signs that glowed at night from the neighbor to the West of the road about the first knob. In the day time you could make out a few relics of the highway that graced a flat spot or two about his property. One was a 1942-1947 Ford truck that was the frame for an early RV. As an owner of a 47 Ford 1ton it always caught my eye for rust and relics. And here it was leaving the area. We had to pull over as for it to pass so here was my last and final chance to see it up close. Out the truck I was as the others only shook their heads in my antics. A quick talk to the driver and to the new owner in the older Chevy Suburban that followed the Ford. It was going to Palm Springs to be refurbished and hopefully restored to operable. It's original motor had long ago been replaced by a bigger motor years before it had been banished to the yard of nonoperation. Good luck in your endeavors, hope to see it sometime on my travels.
Finally we made it to the tracks and the reason for the trip.  Traps were set last Sunday and the caught rodents were 'relocated' to outside of the car barn.
The removal of the stored cars was first in the list of things to do as we needed to be able to get to the eaves from the inside to put up the wire mesh, so aptly named Vermin Wire. Once the rolling stock was clear of the barn a thorough inspection noted, no more critters.

Measurements and installation of the wire mesh was conducted , one opening at a time. Care to be completely closing of the area as a rodent only need get their head into the space and their whole body will follow. Measure, cut, fold, trim, staple, next.....John Griffin was out and took a few pictures as well as did Allan Ratliff of the project.
Soon enough we had the wire installed, put all the rolling stock back in, visited a bit and off down the road. A quick little project. 400 miles on the new truck, five people, 36 man hours, one rodent secure building, keep the doors shut.

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  1. Very much enjoyed the story and photos. Alan, Hope you had a pleasant Birthday. Enjoy your family