Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Another Great Weekend. Joshua Tree Opener

This time of year out in the High Desert is wonderful. It can change in a heartbeat, but it is still wonderful. A Friday mid day departure from down below got us to the tracks in the mid afternoon and with plenty of time to decompress. A few clouds to speak of and none did anything more than look pretty up above. Friday nights BBQ kept everybody fed and nobody was expected in late, time to sit around the shelter area and catch up.

Saturday morning dawned just as nice as Friday, an inspection of the area and kicking of the ties commenced and soon it was time to fire up the engine. We had a few visitors from the Low Desert and the Pass area to show around, they were O Gauger's and looked as if they would be back to see more of the operation. We had three trains going at one time during the day. I had the 4-4-0 and Matt was running the JT&S #7 with a train and Jerry McPheeters had the JT&S Edwards Passenger Motor going as well.
 The leasing of the club locomotives to a responsible party for the operation and maintenance of each piece of equipment has done well. Instead of a piece of equipment that gets used and abused with no thought of maintenance by individuals, One person is responsible for the upkeep and operation of said, individual pride and care for the equipment is fostered and if somebody would like to operate that piece of equipment, arrangements are made through the leaseholder. Unexplained problems and issues have dropped to zero as equipment is tethered while in the car barn and new keys were issued last Fall as to reign in the unauthorized access and use of all equipment inside the building.  Now if we could get the mice to move out we would have it made.
A few projects were kicked around and should get in full swing soon, The big dirt pile East of the Station has gotten smaller, and plans to spread it around to needy places was the main topic. The railroad is a good shape and no foreseeable problems await the Rudy Run in two weeks. Hope to see you then, come on out.

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