Thursday, November 17, 2016

Rudy Run, November 2016

Usually, the weather breaks between the Opener and the Rudy Run. T-shirt weather the first weekend , and where did I leave my jacket weather the next. Not so, this past weekend out here at the tracks. Friday's temperature was down right toasty and Saturday was just a bit cooler. It made for some real enjoyable times for the annual Rudy Run.
The people and trains started to come in early, Thursday, the crew from Salinas showed up. The Burns and RGS 41 with their trailer full of train. And from the other direction Steve Nelson and his bevy of rolling stock and C-21 loaded in his trailer. By the time Friday afternoon had rolled around when we showed up; The Thompsons were in with C&S 13 and the Swain's had The Fitchburg, the Davenport and the peddle things out and about. Friday rolled around to Saturday.
Another beautiful day and it was not lost on activity either. My 4-4-0 polished a rail or two. Jerry McPheeters ran the Edwards Passenger Motor and Matt Z. with JT&S 7 ran and ran to add to the list. The Maywald's were out for the weekend sans engine but not without enjoying the time anyway. Mike Thompson had a few long time friends out for the enjoyment, as usual for me, I forgot their names right after introductions. The Stites' were out albeit briefly to the tracks, always good to see Gary and Margaret. His Caboose project is quite a sight to see. Allan Ratliff was out for a visit in the morning Saturday, it sure is different not having him and Lynn first in and last out around here. Plenty of other folks out for a day to see things and people.
A good time all day and into the afternoon with plenty of action to keep one entertained. With the time change the week before instead of this weekend, it was all too soon before it became Steak Night. I counted over twenty five around at one time while grilling steaks, it looked like everybody was having fun.
Sunday was a little light on operations as the Annual Meeting keeps everyone occupied for most of the morning. But it picked up a bit before everybody started to pack it up for another time. All in all a great weekend with outstanding cooperation from the weather and plenty of railroading fun. See you Thanksgiving Weekend for the Turkey Run.

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